JAVA vs PHP for Beginner Developers

Some university students as well as young people are very interested in software programming, but it looks like they are a little confused about the starting point. The reason is because they have a lot of questions as to where to start, how to begin and so on. In this article, two different programming languages will be compared to better understand which language to start with. Continue reading


Solution for New Google Images Search Traffic Decrease !

New Google Image Search has been announced but developers are not happy with that. In the last days, developers are posting on blogs or forums about huge traffic decrease due to new Google Image Search. Although Google said that the new system is better for developers, developers do not think such that. It is possible to see web sites that had 20k visitor daily have decreased to 5k visitor. Continue reading

Linear Regression

Non-Regularized Linear Regression

There are many article about this subject in English. So, I will write this post as Turkish, because of lack of articles about this subject as Turkish. If you familiar with Linear Regression, already you can understand from codes too. If you have a question, please let me know.

Bu makalede Linear Regression hakkında teorik bilgi değil pratik uygulama anlatacağım. Teorik olarak İngilizce olsun, Türkçe olsun yeterli kaynak olduğunu düşünüyorum ama pratikte uygulamaları internet ortamında Türkçe anlatımlı pek olmadığından bu makaleyi Türkçe olarak yazmayı uygun gördüm. Continue reading

machine to machine m2m

Machine to Machine (M2M)

1.     Definition

M2M defines communications between machines (machine to machine – m2m) with machine language. A machine captures information or data from other machine.  This information is in form of machine language. Captured data in machine language is translated into a meaningful, useful data and this data is used for some operations such as alert on high temperature, tracking and etc. This communication is established by Continue reading